The London Pet Show Live 2025

With pet-focussed events on the increase, more exhibitor opportunities are opening up for brands, big and small. And it’s not all about shifting product on the day.
Liz Stout
Creative Director

The pros of meeting your public at pet events

With pet-focussed events on the increase, more exhibitor opportunities are opening up for brands, big and small. And it’s not all about shifting product on the day.

What happens when you bring a group of pet-lovers together at a pet-centric event? They engage to learn, sample, test and feedback on their concerns and experiences in face-to-face exchanges, where brands get some undivided attention.

These in-person encounters happen at local fetes, pet shows and agricultural fairs and can generate invaluable knowledge for new product development, for growing potential client databases, as well as for sales on the day.

They can be hard work, that’s for sure. But sore feet aside, a well-planned show stand at any kind of event, can bring lasting benefits to brands. Visitors to Crufts will vouch that are always plenty of ‘little’ ones in attendance, all making their mark.

NOBULL, spoke to the Show Organisers from the new (and very exciting) London Pet Show Live. They share insights on why so many brands are becoming increasingly attracted to consumer events and shows.

Why do you think pet events are so popular?

Post C-19 people are happy to be able to meet people again ‘face to face’, to be able to ask questions and get the answers straight away. The ‘pet parents’ who turn up to events enjoy a fun day out. They also get a great opportunity to see what is new, find solutions to challenges, and browse an engaging choice of pet-related products, all in one place.

How do you think attending an event benefits brands, even smaller ones?

Brands of all sizes benefit from direct feedback from new and existing customers about their pet brands. They can use shows to launch new products, get feedback on ideas in development and to really engage with their target audience. It’s all relative – a big brand might head to a major event, whereas a smaller brand could attend a local one and still reap the rewards of setting up their stand.

Do you think other pet owners (i.e. non-dog-owners) have been missing out?

There has not been a true ‘Pet Show’ in this country since 2019, so we’ll be filling a crucial gap in the market. Our Olympia show will have specific zones for all six pet categories, each one featuring specialist experts, activities, and product showcases. There will be plenty of popular types of animals to discover, including dogs, cats, small furry pets, reptiles, birds as well as fish housed in beautiful indoor aquariums. We’re creating an incredible menagerie of pets, all in one place.

What else can exhibitors and visitors expect?

We really want to bring people and pets of all types together and our show will particularly appeal to families who might be thinking of getting a pet. Everyone will have an opportunity to explore different pet types, meet leading experts and be entertained by live performances and lots more fun animal-oriented activities. Our goal is for our visitors to be planning their next visit as they leave us!

What do you think London Pet Show Live offers big brands and how are you making it accessible to smaller ones?

It’s been a goal to make our event as accessible as we can. We’re very excited to have recruited our headline supporter and with the UK pet industry home to so many fantastic legacy brands, people can expect other big names in situ.  But we’re making space for smaller innovation brands in our Pet Discovery Zone too. It promises to be an exciting place for consumers to shop and a fantastic platform for brilliant brands to showcase their products.

London Pet Show Live, 20 & 21 September 2025 at Olympia London.

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Creative Director
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