Brand Activation Masterclass

Jubel Beer has a dangerously refreshing brand activation strategy
Alex Thompson
Client Services Manager

How do you turn a fan into a loyal customer…. Jubel Beer has a dangerously refreshing brand activation strategy, so let’s investigate the brand a bit further…. The aim of the game is trust, convince the person that liked an Instagram post once, to buy a few cans with their weekly shop, consistently.

Firstly, knowing your target audience is vital for any good brand, celebrate your roots while still reaching out to a wider catchment. This comes down to your research which, with a mix of modern social media analytics, and a team of social wizards, and probably a few trips to a pub or bar, you’re able to hone in on your target market.

Secondly, a brilliant idea. It can be simple with a small budget and still hit harder than the huge campaigns we have seen in the past. Some of the best ideas are the ones staring directly at you. We have seen this with Guinness, Heineken and WKD over the years.

Thirdly and lastly, the product has to take you somewhere, preferably somewhere interesting which you will spend the next few days telling your friends and family about. This includes pop-ups, clever immersive ads and possibly, however not always…free product.

So, how has Jubel spent the last 2 years winning me over as a brand, here’s how:

The branding is bright, very bright. It’s eye catching and simple. Meaning you can see it from across the road, from quite far away. “Definitely the best poster in the world” billboard stunt that played on Carlsberg’s ad from years ago was not only large but a vibrant orange to match their peach infused beer. The billboard was set up with a tap which could pour you a pint of beer, and the pint doubled up as a ticket for a venue around the corner.

Considering this pop-up was held in January while it was -5 degrees, the venue was at capacity within the hour and had to close its doors. They did everything right, they understood the audience and launched a party with great music. Granted the idea was not completely original, but a wonderful nod to a great one. And the product quite literally took you somewhere.

My personal favourite is the 2022 ‘JUBELLINGHAM’ campaign. Once again, a simple activation idea revolving around a well-loved young footballer during the Football World Cup. When you bought a pint of Jubel beer from a participating pub, you received an entry card with which, if Jude scored, you could redeem a free pint. Not only will free product generally make the customer happy, the product becomes relatable and, in many cases, favoured in the future.

So, both of these campaigns have stuck with me and are a brilliant lesson on brand activation. Create a brand culture that builds a genuine following and keep delivering simple and effective campaigns.  



Alex Thompson
Client Services Manager
PR and Communications following a decade of experience in the Motorsport Industry. Loves Italian cars, Italian food, Italy.